Wheel Pose (Urdva Dhanurasana) – Variation with Blocks

Wheel pose (otherwise known as Full Wheel pose, Upward Facing Bow or Urdva Dhanurasana in Sanskrit) is helpful in stretching and opening the intercostal muscles, as well as the hip flexors. It strengthens the muscles of the shoulder girdle, improving posture and reducing headaches.

It also benefits the cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, and endocrine systems.

In this variation, the blocks add some height to help transition into the full Wheel pose.

Wheel Pose Variation with Blocks: How to Do it Step-by-Step

Step 1

Place two blocks at the top of your mat, above your head. Begin in a gentle Bridge pose with a third block between your feet.

Step 2

Move into full Wheel, placing both hands on the blocks and pressing firmly into your palms to open the front body. Let the head hang between the arms.

Step 3

To come out of this pose, slowly lower the upper body, removing your hands from the blocks as you move to your mat.

Tip! Curl your fingers over the edges of the blocks for additional stability.

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