Supported Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangasana) – Variation with a Block

Shoulder Stand helps in aiding digestion and relieving swollen legs from standing for extended periods of time. The pose can help to reduce headache pain and calm the mind. Inversions help improve circulation to the upper body.

In this variation, adding a block under the sacrum makes this pose more accessible to beginners.

Supported Shoulder Stand (variation with a Block): How to Do it Step-by-Step

Step 1

Begin in a gentle bridge pose. Place the block directly beneath the sacrum, starting with the lowest block height and moving up as is comfortable and supportive. Allow the full weight of your hips to drop onto the block.

Step 2

Keeping your arms on the mat alongside you, first bring your right knee in toward your chest, followed by your left knee, balancing your hips on the block.

Step 3

Slowly straighten your right leg toward the ceiling, and then your left. Bring your legs together, stacking them over the hips, and flex your feet. Interlace your hands your leave them alongside your torso. Press your upper arms into the floor as you open your chest.

Step 4

To release, bring your knees back in to your chest and then lower your feet to the floor one at a time. Press your feet into the mat to lift, then remove the block. Slowly roll back down to your mat one vertebrae at a time.
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