Side Crow Pose (Parsva Bakasana) Variation with a Block

Side Crow pose (Parsva Bakasana) strengthens the wrists, arms, shoulders, core, abdomen, and spine. It stretches the upper back, groin, spine, and lower back. This posture helps to improve digestion and overall mental focus.

Placing a block under the shoulder is helpful for students who may not have enough strength in their arms to come into Full Side Crow, and helps students who have a fear of toppling forward in arm balances.

Side Crow Pose Variation with a Block: How to Do it Step-by-Step

Step 1

Begin in a squat, then lift the left arm overhead. Exhale to bring the left arm down the the outside of the right thigh, twisting to the right.

Step 2

Place a block at the inside of the right hand, and place both palms shoulder-width apart on the mat. Bend your elbows and lean forward until the can rest the head of the right shoulder on the block, then begin to lower your weight onto it.

Step 3

Then lift the legs toward the left, keeping the knees bent at a 90-degree angle and balancing the knees on the left arm and the hips on the right arm. Take 3-5 breaths here, and then slowly lower the legs back down and repeat on the other side.
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