Pendant Pose Variation (Lolasana) with Blocks

Pendant pose is great for strengthening wrists, toning the arms, and strengthening core muscles. This is a challenging pose that requires a very strong upper body.

In this variation of the pose, using blocks makes the pose more accessible by lengthening the arms.

Pendant Pose with Blocks: How to Do it Step-by-Step

Step 1

Begin by kneeling on your mat, with blocks on either side of your knees. Place your hands firmly on the blocks, cross your ankles, and tuck your torso and legs into a tight ball.

Step 2

Strongly push your palms onto the blocks, and staying tightly tucked, straighten your arms to lift your lower body off the floor. Continue pressing into the blocks as you pull your knees to your chest and heels up to your seat, rounding the back.

Step 3

To come out of this pose, slowly bend the elbows and lower back down to kneeling.
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