Locust Pose (Salabhasana)

Locust Pose or Salabhasana is a spine strengthening posture performed lying face down on the belly in the prone position. It is similar to an exercise often called the “Superman”, although in the traditional variation, the arms are kept at the sides instead of reaching forward like Superman.

This posture is a great warm-up exercise for more advanced backbends such as Bow and Wheel Pose.

Locust Pose is best performed at the beginning of a backbending sequence to ensure the spine is adequately prepared.

How to Do Locust Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Lie on your belly. Press your hip bones and pubic bone down into the mat. Reach your arms alongside the body.

Step 2

Take an inhale to lengthen your entire body, and as you exhale, lift the legs, arms, and chest off the mat.

Step 3

Continue to length the crown of the head forward as the toes reach back so there is no crunching in the lower back.

Step 4

Hold for 5 breaths and then release on an exhale.

Locust Pose Benefits

  • Strengthens your spine and back muscles
  • Prepares the body for deeper backbending
  • Fights fatigue
  • Stimulates digestion
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