Hero Pose (Virasana) Variation with a Block

Hero Pose (Virasana) is great for stretching the entire lower body, and improving circulation to relieve tired legs. It improves posture, digestion, and strengthens the arches of the feet.

Benefits of modifying the pose in this way using a block include relieving pressure in the knees and helping to keep the back extended.

Hero Pose with a Block: How to Do it Step-by-Step

Step 1

Begin in a kneeling posture, with the tops of the feet against the mat. Place a block under the buttocks, then slowly move toward the mat until all of your weight is being supported by the block.

Step 2

Lengthen the spine, engage the core, and slightly tuck the chin to protect the neck.

Step 3

Remain in this pose for 1-5 minutes, or longer if practicing meditation here.

To come out of the pose, move back to kneeling.

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