Half Frog Pose (Ardha Bhekasana)

Half Frog Pose, called Ardha Bhekasana in Sanskrit, is a modified variation of Full Frog Pose.

It is performed in the prone position on the belly. This posture is a quadriceps, hip flexor, and shoulder stretch. It also helps to strengthen the spine.

As an energizing posture Half Frog is useful for both athletes and those who live more of a sedentary lifestyle.

This position is an intermediate posture, as it can be challenging. There are ways you can modify it with a strap to make it easier to get into and stay in.

It is a very deep posture; therefore, it is important to be properly warmed up before you perform it.

How to Do Half Frog Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Lie on your mat on the front surface of your body.

Step 2

Bring your forearms onto the floor to lift your chest away from the mat.

Step 3

Bend your right knee so the heel comes toward the sitting bone. Lift your right arm off the floor to reach back for your foot.

Step 4

From there, rotate the arm so that the hand presses on top of the foot with the fingers pointed forward, curled over the toes. The elbow will be lifted into the air. Press down through the front hand so the arm comes off the mat and the back extends higher.

Step 5

Begin to press the foot down toward the hip. If you have the range of motion, eventually you can press the foot to the outside of the hip. Make sure there is no pressure in the knee joint. Hold for 5 breaths, then release and try the other side. Eventually, you can try both legs at the same time!

Half Frog Pose Benefits

  • Energizing
  • Stretches the quadriceps, groin, and shoulders
  • Relieves shoulder, lower back, and hip pain
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