Eight Point Shoulder Opener with a Block

Eight Point Shoulder Opener stretches the shoulders, chest, upper back, and spine. It can improve circulation and digestion.

Placing a block under the head provides support for the neck.

Eight Point Shoulder Opener with a Block: How to Do it Step-by-Step

Step 1

Start by lying on your back on your mat, and place a block under your head. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the mat.

Step 2

Roll the shoulders over slightly to the left. Reach your left arm out behind you into a T-position, with the palm facing upward. Bring the right arm back to meet the left and clasp hands if you have space in the shoulders. Allow your head to turn with your shoulders, keeping it resting on the block.

Step 3

Keep the hips and knees aligned, only rotating at the shoulders. Stay in this posture for 1-5 minutes, then slowly release the arms and repeat on the other side.
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